Spray Dry Nozzles

SprayDry® Nozzles

Spray drying is a means of producing a dried powder from a liquid or thick, semi-solid solution by rapidly drying with a hot gas. This is a common method used to dry many temperature-sensitive materials like foods, chemicals, probiotics, and pharmaceuticals. Spraying Systems Co. developed the first line of commercially available nozzles for spray drying in the 1940s. The term “SprayDry®” was first used by Spraying Systems Co. in 1943 and became a registered trademark of the company in 1951. Spraying Systems Co. offers the broadest selection of Spray Drying nozzles available, each with multiple configuration options and hundreds of interchangeable components to ensure you get the exact drop size you need.

SV Nozzles
SB & SK Nozzles
SSTC WhirlJets


  • Milk
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Whey
  • Flavoring
  • Dairy
  • Coffee
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Processing