Gas Cooling:

Many Process plants have the same basic need – the quick and efficient cooling of gasses to lower temperature and reduce volume. This is best achieved by evaporative spray cooling. Our industry-leading FloMax nozzles and AutoJet gas cooling systems have made spray cooling an even better solution than it was before.


Typical Product Solutions

  • AutoJet® Gas Conditioning System: this compact system provides automatic monitoring and adjustment of air and liquid flow based on temperature sensors for precise cooling even with variable operating conditions and can be used with gas atomizing or hydraulic nozzles
  • FloMax® air atomizing nozzles: these nozzles are widely used for gas cooling because they produce smaller drops using less air than competitive nozzles. Operating costs are reduced, evaporation time is shorter, wetting is eliminated, and more
  • FloMax®-S nozzles: these new high-efficiency steam nozzles optimize gas cooling operations and provide a cost-effective solution for plants with available steam. Unlike air atomizing nozzles that require compressed air, patent-pending FloMax-S nozzles use steam to atomize fluids and slurries. The unique design of the nozzle ensures tight drop size control and precise, efficient gas cooling.
  • Injectors and lances: choose from standard FloMax nozzle lances or built-to-order injectors
  • Modeling using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): the complexity of many gas cooling operations often requires the use of CFD. Flow patterns, velocity, temperature, droplet trajectories, gas/liquid distribution, and more are modeled to ensure optimal nozzle/lance performance


  • Cement
  • Non Ferrous Smelters
  • Paper Mills
  • Power Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Waste Incinerators
Gas cooling systems
FloMax nozzles
Spray lances
AutoJet gas cooling systems

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