“Our focus on sustainability began long before it was called sustainability –we’ve been committed to saving our customers time, money and energy since our founding in 1937 “ – Spraying Systems Co

The biggest industrial water users are the following manufacturing sectors: Pulp& Paper, primary metals, chemicals and food. While many of these manufacturers along with those in other industries have active and effective water conservation programs, additional actions are needed to counteract the global water crisis.

Manufacturers often focus on water treatment and reuse as the primary way to reduce water consumption. Beyond that, it becomes more challenging to reduce water use because of the potential impact on the process and product quality. However, there are ways to save water that won’t disrupt operations. In fact, some fairly small changes can be made to yield big reductions in water use.

Many manufacturers are unaware these opportunities exist or don’t realize the magnitude of potential savings- which can be millions of litres annually.

We have a number of very simple strategies that can be easily implemented quickly and easily, to assit you in reaching your sustainability goals.

It all starts with our no-charge plant audit, where one of our sales engineers will come into your plant and conduct an audit, this will be followed by a comprehensive report outlining the various ways we can help you optimize your spray systems.

See case studies below of customers who have benefited from these sustainability audits.

Case Studies:

Tissue manufacturer saves 40000 EUR and improves sustainability

Paper Mfger saves US50K with new Spray System

Paper Mill reduces water use with new automated tank cleaners

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