Automatic Spray Systems

Applying ingredients, flavourings, coatings and release agents can be challenging. In order to achieve uniform coating, processors have often tolerated the waste of costly coatings, misting, excessive maintenance downtime, high scrap rates and more.

Now there is a way to eliminate all those problems and apply the exact amount of coating required directly on the target – even when using high-viscosity coatings. AutoJet® Precision Spray Control Systems provide unmatched accuracy to ensure uniform coating with minimal waste.

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  • Spraying oil, butter and flavorings on dough prior to baking to improve taste and appearance
  • Appyling release agents to pans and conveyors to prevent products from sticking
  • Adding viscous coatings like glazes, sugar slurries and cinnamon to breakfast foods, snacks and deserts
  • Applying antimicrobial agents to ensure food safety
  • Coating products with preservatives and mold inhibitors to extend shelf life
  • Applying moisture to products to help ingredient adhesion
  • Adding water to foods to balance moisture loss from freezing
  • Misting fruits and vegetables to ensure product stickers remain affixed after application
  • Applying corn syrup to cake plates on packaging lines to minimize products movement once placed
  • Applying a precise coating of oil to maintain a consistent calorie count
  • Scoring bread
  • Spraying yeast slurry on baked goods before packaging to extend shelf life


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