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If you’re using open pipes, pipes with drilled holes, or pipes with slits, you could be wasting tens of thousands of rands annually on compressed air. Using WindJet blow-off nozzles, compressed air nozzles, air amplifiers, and air knife products can help reduce operating costs and noise, improve worker safety and provide more precise, repeatable drying and blow-off.


  • WindJet air nozzles use 25% to 35% less air than open pipe with perceived noise reductions ranging from 28% to 60%
  • WindJet air amplifiers use 75% to 90% less air than open pipe with noise comparable to air nozzles
  • WindJet low flow air knives use 89% to 92% less air than open pipe with noise comparable to air nozzles
  • Choose from a full range of styles, spray patterns, materials, capacities, and more and optimize performance in your drying, cooling, and blow-off operations

Windjet Air Knife And Blower Packages

Using air knives powered by blower air can result in significant savings – tens or even hundreds of thousands of rands a year. Our WindJet air knife packages are a complete solution, fully customised to your application, and consist of unique WindJet air knives, powerful, energy-efficient regenerative blowers, and all system accessories.


  • A complete solution from a single supplier – eliminates integration problems
  • Energy-efficient air source – eliminates compressed air use
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance

System Components

  • WindJet Air Knives
    • Unique leading-edge design produces a uniform, high volume, constant airstream along the entire length of the knife, eliminating common spotting and blotching problems
  • Regenerative Blowers
    • Low maintenance, direct-drive operation
    • Continuous, non-pulsating, oil-free heated airflow
    • Choose from five different blowers ranging from 5.5 to 30 HP
  • Air Cannons
    • Use instead of or in conjunction with WindJet air knives
    • Cannons provide a high-velocity air stream into holes and indentations in irregularly shaped parts for complete drying
WindJet Air nozzles
 Air Nozzle
WindJet blower package
Air knives


  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Blow-Off
  • High Impact Air Stream


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