Carcass Spray Chilling

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Spraying Systems Co. offers spray chilling solutions to meat and poultry processors across the world. The standard chilling process evaporates surface moisture by circulating cold air over a hot carcass. Over time, moisture continues to be drawn to the surface, resulting in shrinkage and weight loss.

Shrinkage and carcass chilling are also influenced by other variables; including but not restricted to: chiller design, operating conditions, carcass size and carcass fat cover.

Spray chilling with the use of the Carcass Chilling Spray System counters the evaporative loss seen in the standard process. Common problems, such as shrinkage and weight loss, are virtually eliminated by using a timed spray system.


  • Increased shelf-life
  • Savings on energy expenses
  • Increased production rates

Typical Product Solutions

The Carcass Chilling Spray System has been used in many abattoirs, producing positive results. Carcasses are loaded into a chiller within minutes of being slaughtered. This loading process can take 1-2 hours. After the doors close, the chiller fans are enabled to full speed, circulating the air. As the carcass core temperature cools, the fan speed is slowed until desired temperature is achieved. This may take 7- 8 hours. The cooling then holds the room to a set temperature until the next morning.