Create a Safer, Cleaner Work Environment!

Reduce waste and downtime with the no-overspray Electrostatic Conveyor System’s uniform coating.

The AccuJet® electrostatic Conveyor system consists of an independent control box with I/O for connection to existing customer systems. Optional Stainless Steel NEMA 4X and Remote I/O control boxes are also available. Fluid is delivered to the nozzle by a diaphram pump which uses needle valves to meter the flow to the individual sections. A dip tube system is available to draw fluid from existing tanks, drums, and tote. The nozzle is available in two configurations. Our standard nozzle is made of Delrin® and features removable sanitary clamps for easy cleaning. Available with orifice sizes ranging from 0.010 to 0.050 inch ID. An optional high temperature nozzle is also available with the same orifice sizes.

Release Agent Coating

With the AccuJet® Electrostatic Conveyor system you can achieve light release agent coating on your metal roll applications. By controlling flows down to micro liters/minute we are able to apply a low coat weight with even distribution, reducing product consumption. Whether you’re coating your roll for an annealing process or applying a non-stick coating to your aluminum foil, we have your solution!

Corrosion Inhibitors

Keep your sheet or strip metal product pristine with our Electrostatic Conveyor system. With the application of an electrostatic charge, all of your corrosion inhibitor will be attracted to the sheet, reducing waste and environmental contamination. Choose the ‘Green’ option and purchase an Electrostatic Conveyor for your coating needs!