The new WindJet air nozzles can help you save thousands of dollars in energy costs as they are powered using blower air in place of compressed air.

The air nozzles are designed to convert low-pressure air into a high-velocity, high-impact air stream to ensure your operations run as efficiently as possible.

The WindJet air nozzles are ideal for use in the following applications:

  • Blowing rejected product from conveyor lines
  • Drying conveyors
  • Drying bottles and cans
  • Cooling baked goods
  • Moving product from conveyor to conveyor

The air nozzles can be attached to a spray header, making it a suitable option for spraying wide areas. Adjustable stay-in-place hoses allow for the spray header to spray an uneven surface or complex-shaped target.

The WindJet air nozzles see a clip of the demonstration below.
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