SteamMax nozzles provide high-efficiency, cost-effective atomization for precise gas cooling. The nozzles ensure tight drop size control over a wide range of liquid temperatures and eliminate the need for costly compressed air by using steam to atomize fluids and slurries. SteamMax nozzles are used in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, aluminum, cement, power generation, refinery, steel, and pulp and paper

Three-piece construction (body, insert, gasket)
Flow rate ranges up to 25 gpm (95.6 l/min)
All spray tips fit on the same nozzle body


  • Use of available steam eliminates the need for costly compressed air
  • Efficient atomization and fluid mixing eliminates condensation problems that can interfere with drop size consistency
  • Long service life due to use of wear-resistant materials
  • Simple design ensures fast and easy maintenance


  • Process gas cooling
  • Gas scrubbing
  • Moisturizing
  • Desuperheating


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