Now there’s a new way to fumigate and humidify enclosed areas. The PromistJet system produces a uniform fog and effectively covers hard-to-reach spots and surfaces. This portable system is easy to set up and operate and eliminates the use for costly high-pressure, high-maintenance pumps.



•   Two-fluid 1/4 J air atomizing nozzles use compressed air to shatter a liquid and produce very small  drops that evaporate quickly. Liquid siphon set-ups draw the liquid through the feed line into the air flow for atomization

•    The nozzles are placed downstream of high-velocity venturi blower fans to amplify the effective reach of the spray. The spray distance is approximately 30 m (98 ft)

•   A wide range of spray set-ups is available for use in many applications

•   An Android-based controller enables easy programming



• Spraying antimicrobials in food and beverage plants and industrial kitchens

• Greenhouse humidification and fumigation

• Humidification

• Evaporative cooling



Compressed air and liquid are supplied to the nozzles. The interaction of the air and liquid in the nozzles produce very finely atomized drops. The liquid is siphon-fed from a 13.3 liter (3.5 gallon) tank to the nozzles. An integral, lubrication-free compressor can be supplied with the system or an external compressed air source may be used.


The atomized liquid is projected using high-velocity fans.

The fine spray fog is distributed uniformly throughout the enclosed area.

An easy-to-user Android-based controller is used to set spray cycles. The touch panel is housed in an NEMA 4X (IP54) rated enclosure.


The spray nozzles consist of a body and spray set-up.

Constructed of stainless steel and food-grade materials, the nozzles are available with a wide range of spray set-ups to accommodate a wide range of flow rates.

The PromistJet is on casters and can be easily moved throughout a facility.