Heated spray system cuts chocolate use in half

Heated Spray System

Learn how a commercial cannoli bakery swapped its enrobing process for an efficient spraying system that helped limit product calories, wasted chocolate, and production downtime.


A manufacturer was using an enrober to apply chocolate compound to 100,000 cannoli shells daily. The enrobing process wasted a significant amount of chocolate and required excessive downtime for equipment cleaning. In addition, the chocolate compound was over-applied and increased the calorie count of the cannoli.


An AccuCoat Fully Jacketed Heated Spray System is now used to coat the inside of the cannoli shells. The system maintains the chocolate at 175°F (79.4°C) from the 10-gallon (38-L) tank until it exits the nozzles. A sanitary Model 63600 Spray Manifold, equipped with three air atomizing nozzles, is secured on both sides of a conveyor. Shells index three at a time and stop briefly so the nozzles can deliver a precise volume of chocolate to the inside of each shell.

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