heated oil


Spraying oil in the food industry is an important application that assists in the adhesion of dry flavorings and spices applied from a depositor. The team at Spraying Systems Co. have developed the AutoJet® Heated Oil Spray System, to ensure consistent results batch after batch while protecting workers who come in contact with hot oil as part of their role.

The system utilizes an AutoJet® 2008+ module as well as advanced PulsaJet® spray gun technology which helps to achieve the desired flow rate. By utilizing this technology, the consistency and quality of the end product is ensured, while eliminating the problem of flavoring powder and spices sticking onto the depositor.

Traditional solutions for spraying vegetable and other oils utilize an air atomizing spray station which causes problems with sticking onto the depositor, as well as the operators having to breathe in the oil mist which can become intolerable.

The AutoJet® Heated Oil Spray System is ideal for coating applications in the food industry where the liquid must be heated to be effectively sprayed. Talk to the team at Spraying Systems who can help customize this system for any size business.


  • Dramatically reduces mist to almost zero
  • Improves safety by eliminating oil mist from walkways and stairs
  • Improves the work environment and atmosphere for operators by removing mist from the air
  • Consistent coating of tray surface
  • With less mist in the air cleaning the spray area is less labour intensive

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