A Brazilian beverage manufacturer needed to dry cans and bottles on three packaging lines to ensure that expiration dates printed on the packages would adhere. Home-made air nozzles, headers made from crimped tubing and pipes with drilled holes were being used. The systems provided the required drying but used a large volume of costly compressed air.


Spraying Systems Co.’s solution consisted of WindJet® Air Knife and Cannon Packages. Each system includes a 15HP blower with a 914 mm (36”) air knife and a 19 mm (3/4”) air cannon which powerfully dry the moisture on the necks and the caps of the bottles.

The WindJet Systems use low-maintenance regenerative blowers to produce clean, heated air. The low noise blowers are extremely energy-efficient. The air knives and air cannons deliver uniform, high-velocity air streams that dry the cans and bottles before printing.


The customer was spending more than US$200,000 annually to operate the compressed air systems prior to installing the WindJet® systems. The new systems have eliminated the need for compressed air for drying. Monthly savings of more than US$20,000 per month enabled the customer to offset the investment in the three WindJet systems in about three months.

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