Are Your Tank Cleaning Operations Optimized to:

  • Completely remove contaminants and residues in the shortest amount of time?
  • Minimize chemical and water use?
  • Perform reliably without downtime due to clogging or wear part maintenance?

Find out for sure by requesting How To Get Tanks & Totes Cleaner In Less Time & Lower Costs, White Paper 110. This illustrated report addresses topics like these: techniques to minimize the amount of time tanks are out of service; how to reduce use of costly chemicals without compromising cleaning quality; and what to do when striping occurs and how to minimize contamination risks.

The paper also offers a solid foundation about the fundamentals of tank cleaning and explains why they are so important when specifying equipment:

  • Learn about spray impact and how to interpret and compare data and why it sounds easy but isn’t
  • Find out why recommended spray distance is so important to cleaning effectiveness
  • Gain insight about the relationship between rotation speed and dwell time and the effect it can have on cleaning quality
  • Discover when it is better to increase fluid flow rate instead of pressure to improve performance