Pathosans Onsite Generation

What is On-Site Generation (OSG)?

On-site generation or OSG refers to the creation of cleaning solutions through the use of ECA water technology on-demand and on-site. Instead of relying on off-site, conventional chemical manufacturers and distributors, the PathoSans On-Site Generation System enables you to produce as much cleaner and disinfectant as needed right in your facility. Mitigate the risks associated with supply chain disruption. Control your own destiny when it comes to cleaning with on-site generation.

What is Electrochemical Activation Technology (ECA)?

PathoSans electrochemical activation (ECA) technology improves upon some deficiencies of the original methods of electrolyzed or activated water solutions. (Electrolyzed or activated water refers to the original methods of creating cleaning and sanitizing solutions through the electrolysis of ordinary softened water.) Since mineral content can vary from tap to tap, PathoSans ECA technology softens or conditions the tap water and introduces a controlled amount of sodium carbonate prior to electrolysis to ensure that mineral content is at an acceptable level for consistent activation. The result is PathoClean®, a consistently powerful alkaline cleaning solution (sodium hydroxide), and PathoCide®, a mildly acidic sanitiser and disinfectant solution (hypochlorous acid). Whereas traditional electrolyzed or activated water blended these two solutions, PathoSans technology splits the solutions allowing for greater efficacy and superior cleaning and sanitizing.

The PathoSans Difference:
ECA Water Technology

PathoSans improves upon previous electrochemically-activated water technology by eliminating the need for pumps to carry the salt brine through an ECA generator. Instead of worrying about costly maintenance on mechanically unreliable pumps, PathoSans relies on the law of gravity to do the work. PathoSans also keeps the salt brine separate from the ECA solutions by pulling the sodium and chloride ions through ion exchange membranes, which results in more pure cleaning and disinfecting solutions.


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