For reliable, cost-effective humidification, we have a number of options that easily connect to your existing air and fluid lines. Our packages include everything you need except piping and wiring. We have solutions for adding humidity to the air, adding moisture to paint tanks to reduce sparking, moisturising small spaces plus more.


Typical Production Solutions

  • Air atomizing nozzles: choose from siphon-fed or pressure-fed nozzles that provide efficient humidity and low-cost installation and operation
  • MiniFogger III: in small and hard-to-reach spaces, the MiniFogger is ideal. Compact and lightweight, it fits in corners and installs easily on walls and ceilings to provide economical, efficient humidification, such as in hatcheries.
  • AirJet® Fogger nozzles: for high-quality fog in large open spaces, you’ll find these nozzles offer operating flexibility, easy maintenance, and dependable clog-free performance
  • Humidification packages: a choice of air atomizing nozzles, a valve package, humidistat, and controls are bundled together in a single package to provide efficient humidity control and the convenience of a single-source supply
Humidifcation systems
Wall-mounted systems
AirJet fogger
Mobile mist cart

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MiniFogger® III


Mobile Mist Cart

Fogging & Humidification

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Automated Humidification System