Headers, Manifolds, and Showers:

When fluid/air flow to nozzles isn’t sufficient or nozzles aren’t positioned precisely over the target, costly quality problems may result. There’s no need to take chances – we have a wide range of headers and manifolds readily available that can be easily configured to meet your application requirements.



  • Eliminate quality problems due to improper liquid/airflow and nozzle placement
  • Wide range of header designs for use with hydraulic or atomizing nozzles: channel, pipe-in-pipe, compact and application-specific versions. Sanitary connections and heated versions also available
  • Configurable: choose header length, number of zones, nozzle type, and nozzle spacing
  • Streamlined tubing and fittings reduce downtime and simplify cleaning
  • Eliminate integration and coordination problems by using a single supplier
Automatic header
Atomizing header
Can wash header
Heated header


  • Food coating
  • Moistening
  • Lubrication
  • Wax coating
  • Felt cleaning


Automatic Brush Shower

Spray Manifold Catalog